Mini-Pack 3, Soundtrack Volume 5, and More!

Guise and Wager Master have finally stopped playing dice with the cosmos, and so Mini-Pack 3 is now available. In addition to the wise-cracking former paparazzi and diminutive blue alien, this Mini-Pack contains the fourth iteration of Omnitron, this time as an environment. There is a new Variant to unlock: the always festive Santa Guise!

Mini-Pack 3 is available for $1.99 (USD) or as part of Season Pass 1 for $19.99 (USD). If you already own Season Pass 1, you will get access to the new decks automatically, but you may need to redownload the DLC first. 

  • Steam - Your Steam client should automatically download and install the new content when you press Play. You may need to quit and restart your Steam client for it to see the update.
  • iOS & Android - When you launch Sentinels, you should be shown a screen prompting you to redownload the season pass. If you are not, just press “Get Expansion Packs” and tap “Restore Purchases.”

To play Mini-Pack 3 you’ll need to update to version 1.9 of the game, which was released today. This update also contains some feature updates:

  • You can now view your collection of Weekly One-Shots covers in grid format.
  • The New Game screen now also supports sorting decks by difficulty/complexity.
  • Multiplayer chat has an improved font (Comic Neue) that supports lower case, multiple languages, and special characters.
  • Various miscellaneous bug fixes.

Musical Multiverse

For the first time ever, we’re releasing a soundtrack on the same day as a major content release for the game! Soundtrack Volume 5 is also available now and includes music from Wrath of the Cosmos and Mini-Pack 3. If you pre-ordered Soundtrack Volume 5, as either part of a reward level or as an add-on, head over to your BackerKit delivery page to get your soundtrack download now. For everyone else, you can buy Soundtrack Volume 5 from our store and Steam today. If you prefer to buy from another store, it should be available from iTunes, Google, Amazon, BandCamp and others in the coming weeks.

Posted on June 8, 2016 .