Call for GenCon 2017 Handelabranauts!

You can become an official Handelabranaut and help us run the booth at Gen Con 2017!

It’s been a good while since our last Retro Listening/Viewing Party, and you’ve been asking when the next one will happen… well, we’re happy to say that the Rook City Listening/Viewing Party will be held next Wednesday April 12th at 2 PM Eastern. Join us on our Twitch channel to hear the marvelous Music of the Multiverse along with exclusive insights from our composer Jean-Marc. You’ll also hear from Jennifer about creating the environments of the Multiverse. And as always, if you are unable to join, fear not! The stream will be posted to our YouTube channel a day or so after the event. This listening party will complete the last Kickstarter Squish Goal™ earned during the campaign!