GAME.minder 2 spotlight - What's new?

GAME.minder 2 is polished and ready for it's big coming out party on Friday.  For the next 3 days of breathless anticipation, we'll highlight what's coming so you can be completely informed when it's time to download.Today, we'll focus on what's new for everyone. Tomorrow we'll talk about your expansion pack options and Wednesday, we'll talk social.  On thursday, you can all take a nap (you'll need it to get through PAX still breathing right?)

So what's new?

It's all just a game

The biggest news about GAME.minder 2 is the fly in the ointment, the proof in the pudding, the "I" in team - The GAME in the minder.  We're gamers right?  We like to play games.  So why wouldn't tracking games be a game in and of itself (can you say meta)?

In GAME.minder 2, you can earn points for doing all the stuff you were gonna do anyway: setting RE.minders and sharing games with friends.  Bonus points are awarded for being quick on the uptake or being lucky enough to hit certain numbers.  But don't just follow anything or risk the dreaded "boosting penalty".  As you start to build your score, you can see how you're doing against your friends now that GAME.minder supports Game Center.

And as long as we're talking about Game Center, don't forget to build that achievement score by reaching milestones in GAME.minder.  Some are pretty straightforward like scoring a certain amount of points or following a bunch of games but what would be the fun in just that?  There's all sort of hidden achievements for you to find as well!

Easy Peasy

Aside from the game, there are several other improvements in GAME.minder you may want to be aware of.  After using it for a while, we discovered we were bordering on gaming addicts.  Some of us were following upwards of 30 games which made for a slightly unwieldily RE.minder list;  especially since changing release dates could make a game jump all over the list.  So we added some simple sort options for the RE.minder list that allow you to sort your RE.minders by date or alphabetically.

We also got lots of feedback that the filters were useful, but only SO useful.  So instead of a separate filters screen, we've broken the search screen up to give you faster access to common groupings like "by release date" or "by system".  But don't worry, you can still filter out things you plain don't care about in your settings from the info tab.

Baby got Back(end)

Some of the most exciting updates are ones that will hopefully only be noticed by their absence.  The GAME.minder backend has been re-engineered in a lot of ways to allow, among other things, faster updates, more consistent error handling and better support for multiple release dates for a single game.  One of the coolest new features of the backend is two-way RE.minder syncing which mainly means: if you delete GAME.minder, downloading and re-installing will return your RE.minder list to you, good as new.

These updates also put in place a lot of the systems we will need to make international release date support a reality.  Sure, some games have separate release dates in different regions, but many of the games we're tracking come out simultaneously worldwide.  So we figured, why wait?  We'll let you citizens of the world get in on the party while we work on getting our more comprehensive region support in place.

That's enough for today.  Tune in tomorrow to find out all about the new expansion packs in GAME.minder 2.

Posted on March 7, 2011 and filed under Blog.