Villains of the Multiverse Coming June 22nd - plus Legacy Independence Day Stream

The next big piece of Season 2 is almost here! Next Thursday, June 22nd, Villains of the Multiverse will be available across all platforms. The second Mega-Expansion for Sentinels of the Multiverse brings 10 new Team Mode villains and 4 new environments to the game. With the release of Villains of the Multiverse, almost every deck currently available on the tabletop will be available in the video game (Celestial Tribunal is the sole exception, coming in Mini-Pack 4). 

When mixed in with the 5 Team Mode villains from Vengeance, there are now more than 384 thousand possible villain team combinations to battle. I wouldn’t worry about it though as there are currently more than 8.2 million possible hero teams you can assemble (seriously, we did the math). As usual, there is a lot of new music for these new villains and environments, and we previewed it last night on our Twitch Channel. Check it out and get yourself pumped for next week!

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Legacy Independence Day Spectacular

 For freedom, for liberty, for justice . . . for America!

For freedom, for liberty, for justice . . . for America!

Coming up in 3 weeks is the 4th of July, a date very close to Legacy’s heart. As it happens, July 4th this year is on a Tuesday, which nicely lines up with our weekly episode of Sentinels Live. To help celebrate, we’re calling on you to inspire us with your presence! Send us a photograph of yourself cosplaying Legacy (any version) and we will feature it on the live stream! Plus, you’ll be entered into a draw to be a special guest on the July 4th live stream (if you wish). Send in your photos by June 27th and we will perform the draw live on Sentinels Live!

You can submit photos by:

Rook City Listening/Viewing Party, TWO New Shows and more!

It’s been a good while since our last Retro Listening/Viewing Party, and you’ve been asking when the next one will happen… well, we’re happy to say that the Rook City Listening/Viewing Party will be held next Wednesday April 12th at 2 PM Eastern. Join us on our Twitch channel to hear the marvelous Music of the Multiverse along with exclusive insights from our composer Jean-Marc. You’ll also hear from Jennifer about creating the environments of the Multiverse. And as always, if you are unable to join, fear not! The stream will be posted to our YouTube channel a day or so after the event. This listening party will complete the last Kickstarter Squish Goal™ earned during the campaign!

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PAX East Announcements: Bottom of the 9th in development, Challenge Mode and Termi-Nation released!

As you are reading this, version 2.4 of Sentinels with Challenge Mode has been released for your gaming indulgence. First off, we want to say a huge thank you to everyone that came together to unlock the stretch goal during the Season 2 campaign. We wouldn’t have been able to accomplish anything we have thus far without our unwavering community. The Challenge Mode stretch goal was reached by raising over $110,000 through a combination of Kickstarter and mobile backers, and we’re happy to finally bring it to you. You’re all stellar, and our little Handelabra hearts are grateful you believed in us.

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